Beyond the Mat – Cheer Squad: Episode One

Every week, one of the Cheer Squad stars will share their thoughts on the most recent episode with us!
First up for episode one is Jenn Power!


Jenn Power

Name: Jennifer Power

What was your favourite part of the episode and why?

My favourite part of the episode was to watch us be announced as world champions again. When we are sitting in that circle holding hands in belief of each other it’s the best feeling ever! Knowing your sisters are there beside you no matter what! It gave me chills, AGAIN!

How did you feel watching the first episode of the season?

Watching the first episode made me happy and excited because I knew my friends and family were going to be able to see what I do and love. I miss out on a lot of different events due to cheer and now they get to see why I enjoy every minute of it!

Did you have a special screening event for the first episode?

The very first time I got to see the episode was with all of the Great Whites at our own screening and for the television premiere I got to watch it with the youth team that I coach. the Basking Sharks. They were adorable and so curious to know what happened next! 

Tell us what your initial reaction was  to seeing yourself on TV?

It still doesn’t seem real to see myself on television. It definitely has not clicked that it’s on national television and millions of people can watch!

What are you looking forward to in the next episode?

I am looking forward to what our next piece of our journey was. It is a very fun way to reflect and remember what we went through last season. It seems like it was so long ago and is hard for me to even think of what comes next. I get to feel the suspense everyone does.

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