Beyond the Mat – Cheer Squad Episode Six

Every week, one of the Cheer Squad stars will share their thoughts on the most recent episode with us!
Episode six is here and Chelsea is here with us this week!


Name: Chelsea Matteson

Nickname: Chels

Age: 15

What was your favourite part of the episode and why?
My favourite part of this week’s episode was when LA returned to Great Whites. She brings so much positive energy to our team so it was great to have her back.

What has been your Favourite part of the TV show so far from all the episodes?
My favourite part of the tv show so far from all the episodes was the dressing room scene at Cheer For The Cure in episode 5. It was such a huge turning point in our season and every athlete on Great Whites started working so much harder after that, and started appreciating their spot on the team so much more.

What was the week leading up to Love to Cheer like for you?
The week heading into Love to Cheer was pretty easy going for me. My group was hitting out stunt consistently, and a lot of stress was relieved because our team was looking so much better than it was the week before and Cheer For The Cure.

Do you have any pre competition traditions or superstitions?
I have a couple of pre competition traditions and superstitions. I always have to get ready 2 or 3 hours before I have to leave. This way I can take my time doing my hair and make up and listen to my music so I can stay as stress free as possible. I have to do a mental run of our routine, and I must be wearing my good luck underwear at competition.

How did you feel after the Love to Cheer performance?
After Love To Cheer, I definitely felt more confident as I was preparing for the rest of the season.

What is the hardest thing in cheerleding for you?
The hardest thing in cheerleading for me is overcoming injuries. Cheerleading is a very demanding sport which definitely takes a toll on your body.

What do you like most about cheerleading?
The reason why I love cheerleading so much is because when you step into the gym, you forget about everything else that is going on outside of cheerleading. The people at the gym become your family, and you all share a special bond.

Tell us what your initial recation was to seeing yourself on TV?
When I first saw myself on tv, I got super excited! I don’t think it is something I will ever be used to.

What are you looking forward to in the next episode?
In the next episode, I am looking forward to seeing the line dancing contest between Knoxy, Ashleigh and Jenna. It was so funny at the time, and I’m excited to get a good laugh out of watching it on tv.

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