Beyond the Mat – Cheer Squad Episode Three

Every week, one of the Cheer Squad stars will share their thoughts on the most recent episode with us!
Episode three we get the inside scoop from Schlotzy!

Sarah pic

Name: Sarah Schlotzhauer

Nickname: Schlotzy

Age: 20

What was your favourite part of the episode and why?
My favourite part of the episode was definitely seeing the Gold party! Last summer I was in Europe and unfortunately couldn’t attend, so being able to finally see everyone dressed up and hear some of Ali’s speeches made me really emotional. It brought back so many memories of worlds and our 2014 gold party. The feeling of receiving your first worlds ring is almost indescribably, and it was so amazing to see some of the rookies of 2015 receive theirs.

What has been your Favourite part of the tv show so far from all three episodes?
My favourite part of the show was when they followed us through Worlds 2015 and the practices leading up too it. Winning worlds is such a high and with that you seem to forget about the bad practices we had before hand and the struggles we faced, because winning that gold makes it all worth it. So it was kinda funny to watch because I had actually forgotten about the struggles we had during that pre-worlds practice! Out of all of it, re-watching our World Champion run and the awards ceremony was my absolute favourite part. Hearing the announcer call your name as a World Champion is one of those moments where you wish you could relive over and over again, so being able to watch it again was so amazing.

What was it like performing at the Argo’s game in front of so many people?
I actually really enjoyed performing at the Argo’s game! I have always loved competing and performing, so the large crowed didn’t scare me. Performances and competitions are the moment where we get to show off what we’ve been working so hard on, so I like to have fun with it!

Which was more stressful – the argo’s performance or a normal cheerleading competition?
For me, competitions are more stressful! When you’re competing compared to the Argos game, the crowd is full of people who understand cheerleading. Obviously both performances are equally as important, but at competitions our mistakes are noticed and criticized more harshly.

Why do you love cheerleading so much?
Cheerleading has been my life for the past nine years and it’s really just a lifestyle for me. With that cheer lifestyle brings such sisterhood and so many special friendships, along with amazing opportunities to meet new people from all around the world. The glitz and glam of competition, as well as competing is also something I love! Having the opportunity to show off what you’ve been working so hard on at the gym is always fun!

Can you share your feelings during the ring ceremony?
Although I wasn’t able to attend the 2015 ring ceremony just watching the small parts on the last episode of Cheer Squad reminded me of how proud I am of my team and everything we’ve accomplished. The feeling of receiving a world’s ring is so, so hard to put into words. The ring is the tangible reward we get from winning, but what it represents is what makes it so special. It’s so much more than just wining one competition but also the journey we had throughout the season, the struggles we faced, friendships we made and the victories we celebrated.

Tell us what your initial reaction was to seeing yourself on TV?
It;s honestly really weird…its like seeing yourself how others see you. Haha, I don’t even know if that makes sense.

What are you looking forward to in the next episode?
I’m actually really excited for the next episode because its where me and Bruney have some good life chats around our University and hangout with a few of our friends! Also, watching us learn new routine elements is definitely going to be interesting… the first time trying any of Ali’s crazy pyramid or stunt ideas usually doesn’t work out too well!

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