Beyond the Mat – Cheer Squad Epsiode Four

Every week, one of the Cheer Squad stars will share their thoughts on the most recent episode with us!
Episode four is here and we have Bella with us!



Name: Mariah Vittoria Pimpao
Nickname: Bella
Age: 15

What was your favourite part of this week’s episode and why?
My favourite part of this weeks episode was the way it showed how intense our sport is.

What has been your Favourite part of the tv show so far from all the episodes?
My favourite part of the tv show so far is how it shows how close we are as a team and the special bond we have for each other.

What was the week leading up to Chompdown like for you?
The week leading up to chomp down for me was a bit challenging because my stunt group was inconsistent so I had to get my nerves under control. This was going to be my first performance as a Great White and that kept going through my head too.

How did you feel after Chompdown?
After Chomp Down I was upset and sad that we didn’t put on the performance I know we were capable of. So I put that behind me and got back in the gym and started focusing on working harder than ever before.

Can you describe how you overcome a performance that doesn’t go the way you want and what you do to make changes for next time?
To overcome a performance that doesn’t go the way I want I just think of what I can learn from my mistakes, move on, and focus on working harder and staying positive and confident. I dedicate time outside of practices to go into the gym and work on perfecting my skills.

What is the hardest thing in cheerleading for you?
One of the hardest things for me in cheerleading is finding spots during the routine to breathe. It goes so fast and your so focused on what your doing that you don’t always think to take that moment to breathe.

What do you love about cheerleading?
I love cheerleading for many reasons. The moment you know you HIT and the crowd is cheering so loud for you and your team. Hearing your parents, friends and coaches cheering you on is truly the best feeling ever. But mostly it’s the passion and bond we have for each other as teammates and the friendships I have made along the way that is so special to me.

Tell us what your initial reaction was to seeing yourself on TV?
The initial reaction I had seeing myself on tv was I literally said ‘Omg’ and laughed out loud. It was so surreal and still hard to believe we are on a tv show. I am so lucky and honoured to be a part of this amazing opportunity.

What are you looking forward to in the next episode?
For the next episode to be quiet honest I am a little scared to watch it because it’s reliving a competition that we did not do well. As a rookie walking off that mat and seeing my teammates, coaches and mentors so sad and upset was truly heartbreaking . As much as it was a part of our journey and we have to take the good with the bad this episode will definitely be a tough one to watch

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