Beyond the Mat – Cheer Squad Epsiode Seven

Every week, one of the Cheer Squad stars will share their thoughts on the most recent episode with us!
We take a look at Episode seven with Nubs!



Name: Lindsay
Nickname: Nubs
Age: 17

What was your favourite part of this week’s episode and why?
My favourite of this weeks episode was watching the whole competition play out and how all our emotions were captured perfectly. It honestly felt like I was reliving NCA

What has been your Favourite part of the tv show so far from all the episodes?
My favourite part would have to be when we pulled it together and finally hit at Love to Cheer. No feeling beats hitting your routine with your 23 other sisters.

Why do you think GW were having such a hard time hitting clean at competitions?
I wish I knew the answer to this but I don’t. If anything we needed more practice with our stunts so we could go into every competition with no doubts.

Was there anything you did specifically to make a change after Dallas?
Yes. After my terrible run in Dallas I’ve never taken any part in the routine for granted. We dropped the easiest part of the whole stunt and it was because we thought we could never mess it up.

What advice do you give to athletes/teams who may be stuck in a rut with a skill?
Never give up. There is no better feeling in the world then being rewarded for your hard work and I promise it always will!!

Why do you love cheerleading so much?
I love cheerleading because it never stops growing and getting harder. Yes, there are levels in the sport but with being on Great Whites especially, we create new stunts and techniques all the time. I love always being able to learn and challenge myself.

Tell us what your initial reaction was to seeing yourself on TV?
So weird. I’m still not used to it… I’m constantly judging myself throughout every episode. Haha

What are you looking forward to in the next episode?
Next week I get my first tattoo which is super exciting and I can’t wait for everyone to see that and definitely seeing our redemption run at provincials from coming back from NCA.

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