We have a number a cheer skills classes designed to give each athlete an opportunity to gain experience and confidence in all of the different areas of cheer.  Sign up for all classes on iClass Pro or with a Desk Diva.Friday Night Clinics 

Unlimited Class Cards

Have you heard about our Unlimited Class Card?  This is a passport to cheer for 4 weeks with an unlimited amount of various skill based classes for the beginner to the veteran. Choose the classes you want based on your own personal schedule. Unlimited Class pass is $130+HST. Available at all 3 locations. Only 200 in Cambridge & 100 in Ottawa & Ancaster! Class cards are available to purchase beginning March 16th on iClass Pro or with a Desk Diva.  View the class card schedules for each location below.

Ottawa Level Training & Class Card Schedule
Cambridge Level Training & Class Card Schedule
Ancaster Level Training & Class Card Schedule

Friday Night Clinics

Cheer Sport Sharks offers specific 2-hour skills training sessions to gain confidence in all areas of cheer.  Our clinics include Stretch and Flex, Jumps and Conditioning, Flight School, Gotta Have It, Jumps and Tumble.

For monthly Friday night skills classes check out our online calendar or click on the gym calendars below:

Cambridge Calendar – January to May 2015

Ottawa Calendar – January to May 2015


Upcoming Classes

Worlds Choreo Night
Cambridge – February 6 (6-8pm) $25+HST

Gotta Have it Tumbling
Ottawa- February 6th (7-9pm) $25+HST

Flipping Friday (Level 1 & 2)
Cambridge  – February 13 (5:30-7:30pm) $25+HST

Twister Tumblers  (Level 4 & 5)
Cambridge – February 13 (7:30-9:30pm) $25+HST

Bounce Class – Trampoline Clinic
Cambridge – March 6 (6-8pm) $25+HST

Standing Tumbling & Specialty Running Line
Cambridge – March 13 (6-8pm) $25+HST

Flight School
Ottawa- March 27th (7-9pm) $25+HST

Jumps and Tumbling
Ottawa – February 27 (7-9pm) $25+HST
Ottawa – March 13 (7-9pm) $25+HST

Flyer and Base School (register with a stunt group)
Cambridge – March 27 (6-8pm) $25+HST


What Classes do we offer?

Flight School

A 4-week session that includes top conditioning, flexibility work and 45min of stunting with an experienced stunt group.

Session 2  (March 5 – 26)
Thursday  6:50-7:50pm

Session 2 (March 2 – 30)
Mondays 7:30-8:30pm

Cheerleading Prep Teams

A low cost way to get involved in all star cheerleading. A once a week practice teaching all the elements of the sport without the commitment of the competitive teams.  Prep teams run from October to March with 2 local competitions. Once a week  for $470+hst. We have 3 prep teams offered in Cambridge :
Ages 5-8 years
Ages 9-11 years
Ages 12-16 years

Cambridge Lions Cheerleading Football Team

The Cheer Sport Sharks and Cambridge Lions Football have joined forces to bring you an all NEW sideline cheerleading team. Athletes will learn stunts, chants and sideline cheerleading under the direction of former Ti Cat Cheerleader Coach B! This season runs from September to October with a once a week practice and local games. $150+HST. 

Superhero training

Learn to jump, soar and flip like your favourite superhero.  Training for boys ages 3-9 at all three locations.  For more details on session dates, please contact us.