Cheer is a perfect combination of dance and gymnastics but with a unique team    environment like soccer or volleyball.  If you or your daughter have tried all of        these sports and more, give cheerleading a chance. We know it will be just what    you are looking for!

  Through cheerleading you will not only have fun, you will learn to work hard to  reach personal and team goals, meet lifelong friends, build self-confidence and  accomplish things you never dreamed of. Although winning is not our number one  goal – we sure do it often, bringing home dozens of Provincial and National  Championship titles each year.





Cheer Sport Sharks has 4 gym locations in Ontario to choose from based on your location, each offering amazing competitive teams for all ages and levels.  To become a Shark for the 2017/18 Season contact us!



Cheer Sport has a team for everyone from the brand new beginning athlete to the elite veteran.

Team levels are based on the majority of the skills demonstrated by the athletes on the team. Athletes will be placed on teams with others of similar skill sets in levels 1-6.  Team assignment is not an easy process. We look at what each individual can bring to a team and base our decisions on what is best for the entire team. We look for athletes that are well rounded in all areas for their level. Age, grade, position, maturity and mental fortitude are all taken into consideration.  All of our teams are named after real Sharks and designed to be successful at every level.

Athletes will be evaluated according to a level guideline system. Athletes will be placed on a team based on tumbling, jumps, stunts (USASF level 1-5), possible stunt group combinations and age.

We form all of our competitive teams at our yearly May tryout with only limited spaces available after that. Tryouts are run like a regular practice where we tumble, jump, dance and stunt. We will be looking for athletes who demonstrate a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. These tryouts are done in a fun and easy-going environment. Anything you need to know, you will be taught and no experience is necessary.


For more information, contact us directly at 1-888-25-CHEER



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