At Cheer Sport Sharks our athletes work hard to become the most talented athletes in the country.

Last season, we introduced a new program to give our athletes an additional training opportunity to develop.
Athletes in this program have the common goal of becoming an elite level athlete, and a future Worlds level athlete. This is an exclusive group of athletes who will need to tryout and meet the requirements needed to be in the TOPs program.
The Talent Opportunity Program is a program we have adopted from USA gymnastics and will be used to identify talented Shark athletes that would like to accelerate their development through additional training time with some of top instructors. This past season this program was only offered at our Cambridge as we tested it out.
We have had such a great response and success with the program that we are confident it will be a hit at the other locations as well. In Ancaster, Ottawa, and Milton this program will start in September 2017, with tryouts being held at the end of August.
We are so excited to see the growth in this program as we continue to build up our athletes to be the best they can be.


Cheer Sport Sharks TOPS Information Package 2017/18