Tumbling is an important part of competitive cheerleading. The term tumbling is used to describe gymnastic elements such as cartwheel and backhand springs. There are two equally important components of tumbling: standing and running.

We offer a number of ways for athletes to gain exposure to the tumbling elements of our sport. We offer semi-private and private lessons, group tumbling classes as well as special sign-up classes with fabulous US instructors.tumble


Cheer Sport Sharks offers both semi private and private tumbling classes with our incredible tumbling instructors at all three locations.  Coaches will work with each athlete to learn, perfect and maintain their tumbling skills as well as condition and teach new skills. Classes are open to athletes of all ages and abilities.   Tumbling classes are available almost every day of the week to work with our athlete’s schedule.  All tumbling classes can be booked during regular office hours with a desk diva.

Private classes – 30 minutes (1 coach : 1 athlete)
Semi-private classes – 45 minutes (1 coach : 2 athletes)

Tumbling Fees:
Regular Tumbling Coaches: $30 + HST Semi-Private or Private Classes

Restricted Coaches: $35 + HST Semi-Private or Private
Guest instructors: $40 + HST Semi-Private (30 minutes)
Guest instructors: $25 + HST Clinics (1 hour)


Our tumbling packages are designed for athletes who are serious about advancing in the sport. If your daughter loves tumbling and cheerleading – she should be training her skills with our coaches who know the sport of cheerleading inside and out. Local gymnastic clubs do not offer the same level of expertise in cheerleading specific tumbling. During registration, you can purchase a package (Silver, White, Teal) at a preferred rate. Tumbling packages allow you to schedule your tumbling classes for the entire cheerleading season. Packages are available until the end of June or while quantities last. We have found athletes with tumbling  packages progress much quicker and show more confidence in their skills.
( Exact details are found in the Information Package on the Locations Page)

Here is a description of some of the skills that athletes will work to achieve in each level:

Level 1: Cart wheels, round offs, back walkovers, front walkovers, proper technique, form and strength building. Drills and skills to prepare for level 2.    
Level 2:
 Back handsprings, connecting skills, front tumbling, drills and skills to perfect level 2 and prepare for level 3. 
Level 3
:  Round off tucks, round off handspring tucks, multiple standing handsprings, front tumbling and standing series.

Level 4:  Standing tucks, layouts, and specialty lines.  
Level 5: 
Standing fulls, multiple standing series, progressions to fulls, fulls, specialties and doubles!



Open tumbling is included in your monthly tuition and is designed for athletes to work tumbling skills they are able to do confidently on their own.  Open Tumbling is 1/2 hour or one hour drop in times with one coach, similar to a lifeguard, who supervises tumbling. Open Tumbling times are for registered Cheer Sport Shark athletes only.

OPEN GYM FOR 2017/18
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