Save Their Summer, Register For Summer Camp!

Summer vacation means that an enormous amount of free time has suddenly become available. Without the daily drudgery of school, days look promising to young children… Until the moment they realize that ‘promising’ is a happy-go-lucky way of saying their days look completely empty.

This summer, we want to encourage parents to consider enrolling their child in a summer camp. We think it could make a world of difference to their child. They already spend 9 months of the year at a desk in school, so giving them a chance to be more physically active during the summer is a great way to encourage their physical development. And save their summer!

The obvious benefit of sending them to camp is that it gives your child something to do. And we mean do, instead of just gluing their eyes to a screen and twitching their thumbs. Technology has been helpful but it tends to be all-consuming. Summer camps offer a way to wean children off their digital addiction and get active. In just two short months, campers will get pushed to grow quickly as they learn new skills and try new things.

Plus, camp offers a new ‘playing field’. At camp, kids get a break from the role they may be stuck in at school. None of the other campers know if they were a ‘nerd’ or were present for that embarrassing incident that’s stuck with them since kindergarten. Every camper gets to be part of a new group and everyone gets a fresh start. The freedom to develop a new identity is not to be taken lightly either! By getting away from a reputation they may not have liked, your child will start to feel more confident and want to get involved in different activities.

Luckily, at camp, they’ll get to tackle new challenges and discover hidden talents. There’s often also a strong sense of camaraderie and belonging because the campers are growing up together. Each year, they come back after a long school year and see those friends that feature in their precious memories. We’ve seen Sharks return to the gym after a long absence and see their friendships with other Sharks pick up exactly where it left off. It’s almost like camp is a special world for kids.

The Sharks gym is offering a variety of cheer camps all summer long. We’ve got Recreational Cheer for those looking to start small with just one class a week, and week long Summer Camps for those wanting a more immersive experience. Talk to us today to see how we can help your child have the best cheer-ific summer ever!

You can encourage your child to develop a powerful new identity through cheer. They’ll learn that their bodies are capable of a lot more than they had thought and understand that it’s okay to push the boundaries of their comfort zone. And with trusted adults to supervise and counsel, campers will always remain safe. Children as young as 3 years old can start to feel empowered by their accomplishments and start to feel like they are in control of their life as they start becoming the person they want to be. It sounds hard to believe but it’s true! Come by the gym and check out all the different ways cheer can be a part of your life!

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