You did it! You tried out and you made it. Yay! We’re so excited about the new members of our Sharks family. It took courage to try out for a new sport (or come back for another season) and we want to sincerely congratulate you. (You’re awesome!) And what better way to welcome you to the team than to share some cheer wisdom.


Our tip: Start preparing now.

Getting in shape is important, no matter what kind of athlete you are. In fact, fitness is important for everyone, no matter what their lifestyle looks like. It’s common knowledge that exercise can help with almost everything from depression and mental health issues to chronic pain and life-long diseases. So why not start the habit early in life?

Studies have shown that it takes about 3 weeks to make an activity a habit and about 3 months to make it a lifestyle. Imagine then what 3 years or even 30 years would mean! Some Sharks stay in it for the long-haul and some go their own way after only a season – but, no matter how long your time as a Shark, we think that cheerleading can prove to you how fun it is to get fit.

Exercise can literally make you happier. When we get active, your brain recognizes your body as being in a moment of stress and starts to release endorphins. And any Legally Blonde fan will tell you, “Endorphins make you happy!”

They do so by blocking feelings of pain and triggering a sense of euphoria.

Cheerleading takes this even further. Part of being is a cheerleader is smiling for your audience, which tricks your brain into thinking it’s happy. Combine that with the upbeat music and the incredible feeling of being part of a team, and you can see why you’ll start to associate exercise with happiness and joy. It’s a rush when your passion for something evolves into something you excel at. Long story short: you’re set for a long healthy life – because you’ll enjoy being and staying healthy.

Our trick: Set up a plan.

Figure out what you can and want to do. Then narrow that down to what you’re willing to stick to. Ask your team members about their experience. Go to your coach for advice. Whatever you decide, we think working out 3-4 times a week is a good start. Write it in your planner, add it to your calendar, or set a reminder on your phone. Do whatever it takes to get you moving. Think about your goal, commit to it, and track your progress. You’ll be amazed before the summer’s through!

Our motivation: Become the best person we can be.

Working out and getting active isn’t meant to be a chore. Exercise can help you become a better person.

Training regularly builds your strength, stamina, and endurance. At the same time, your mental discipline and work ethic get stronger. Working hard to change a stagnant lifestyle takes work but that very work makes you into a hard-working person – in just about everything. You get used to working for what you want because you’ll see your dreams start to materialize.

Soon you begin to feel good about yourself because you’ll be able to see the physical results in your body and mind. You’ve become more resilient and you’ll know that your capability to handle challenges has improved. This gets reflected in a higher level of confidence and self-esteem. Ultimately, more and more often, you’ll start put your best foot forward because you’ll want to and it’ll feel natural. The best part is this whole metamorphosis started with you trying something new just to have some fun.

See you at the gym, Sharks!

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