Now that summer practices are over, the cheer season can officially begin! Routines are being choreographed, the intensity of practice is increasing and the first competition of the season is just around the corner. For a new cheer parent, this can be a very busy and stressful time. But fear not, you not alone and we are here to help!


We asked veteran cheer mom, Jennifer, for some advice for new cheer parents to ensure both they and their athlete have a fun and successful season. Jennifer has two daughters who have been cheering for 5 and 7 years with Cheer Sport Sharks. Her daughters are currently on the White Cheek and Silvertip Sharks.


Be sure to follow Cheer Sport Sharks on all forms of social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on all information. Know who your team Cheer Mom/Dad is and ask them any questions you may have. It is also a great idea to get to know and talk to other parents, whether at tumbling class or on the team, who have been in the program for a while as they are great resources for information.


Communicate with your team Cheer Mom/Dad early on! Team Cheer Mom/Dad’s will provide all the information you need to know in detail. Make sure you are getting their emails and reading each communication thoroughly. Also, make sure you have contact info on how to reach other parents on your child’s team, sometimes that can be a group text or email.


Don’t be nervous as you are not alone! There are a number of experienced moms on teams who are happy to jump in and help when needed. Have no idea how to do hair and makeup? If you need help – just ask! The community of cheer mom’s is there to help and support each other as much as they can.


Often exact times are not provided until the week or two before the competition day, so keep an eye out for the competition handout and once it is sent out, print a copy or save to your phone so you have it on hand all day. You can also prepare a check list prior to competition of what you will need. Map out your check in spot, parking options and ticket costs before the competition especially if going to a new venue for the first time. The more prep you can do, the easier the day will be so you can focus on enjoying watching your athlete perform!


As hard as it is, sometimes parents need to take a step back and give their children time to process a hard practice or competition. It is not always beneficial asking your child things like “Why didn’t that work?” “What were you not doing in that stunt?” right after a tough performance. Athletes have enough stress to deal with in training for competitions without having to explain everything again to a parent right away. As parents, remember your role is NOT as the coach and should deter from forming our own opinions on what happened. Let them open up to you and talk to you once they have processed how that practice or competition went. Even the car ride home can be enough time to let them quietly work through things on their own and be ready to talk about it.


Lastly, as a cheer parent, remember to breathe and enjoy the experience. Your child is not competing against anyone but herself to do the very best she can for herself and for her team. This is a wonderful time for friendships to form. Watch and enjoy every moment as your child thrives doing something she loves!

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