As the excitement of Tryout season approaches, we often receive questions from new cheer families as well as experienced athletes who are new to our gym or advancing to a new level. We’ve collected several of the most frequently asked questions here.

What happens at a Tryout?

At Cheer Sport Sharks, Tryouts are run much like a regular practice. Your athletes will be asked to jump, stunt, dance, and tumble. While the coaches will be carefully evaluating their skills, they will also be encouraging the athletes to relax and have fun. No prior experience is necessary, and everyone will be placed on a team.

Are parents allowed to watch Tryouts?

Yes and no. All parents and caregivers are welcome to attend Tiny and Mini tryouts. However, as space in the viewing room is limited, we encourage returning cheer parents to give first-timers the priority. Youth, Junior, Senior, and Worlds tryouts will be closed to returning parents.

How are the decisions made?

After tryouts our coaches go through what is known as "team deliberation." This is an opportunity for us to go through each athlete’s skill assessment page. From there we create teams based on age, skill, and the make-up of the team. We take into consideration all areas of the score sheet. Although tumbling is the most visible skill, we will also consider stunting skills, ability to pick up choreography, and mental fortitude. Our goal is the place athletes on a team where they will be most successful.

When and how will we find out the results?

This year we will be having a team reveal night known as "Bite Nite;” at this fun event, the athletes will learn which team they have made and will have the opportunity to celebrate and socialize with their teammates and coaches.

How can I best support my athlete going into Tryouts?

We strongly encourage parents to help manage their athlete’s expectations before tryouts begin. In reviewing the options available for her/his age and skill level, try to avoid placing pressure on your athletes to make a particular team, and instead focus on what they really love about cheerleading, whether it’s the physical challenge, the friendships, the thrill of competition, or all of the above. Try to reassure your athletes that you are not emotionally invested in what team they make, and that they will always have your support.

What if an athlete disagrees with his/her placement?

While we are confident that every single one of our Shark teams is set up with amazing coaches and a great competition schedule, we do understand that some athletes will feel disappointed, and are sensitive to the pressures some athletes place upon themselves. For this reason, we call some athletes prior to team review to talk about their placement and provide some background on our decision. However, our team decisions are final, and we ask parents and athletes alike to trust our judgement. We put a lot of thought into the tryouts process, and truly have the best interests of every athlete at heart.

What is a prep team?

A prep team is simply a division in all-star cheerleading. We offer Tiny, Mini, and Youth Level 1 prep teams. The prep teams train a slightly shorter routine and compete at 1-day events. It's the perfect environment to perfect basic skills in a competitive and fun environment.

My athlete is going into grade 10 but is still junior age. Should we just come to the senior tryouts?

No, please attend your age-appropriate tryout. Your child will still be considered for a senior team. Most athletes in grade 10 do prefer to train on a senior team, and that preference can be made known to us at tryouts, via email, or prior to 'Bite Nite' by phone.

What if my question isn’t on this list?

Please consult the registration package for the current season, available on our website, or contact us anytime! We are always happy to hear from our athletes and cheer parents.

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