You already know that physical activity is a great support for mental as well as physical health, and that participating in recreational and professional sports also provides boosted confidence and perseverance to the athletes.

But did you know that organized team sports can elevate overall experience by providing additional support and transferable skills off the blue mat? That’s jawsome news for Sharks of all ages and skill levels!

Teamwork in and of itself is an obvious benefit, but have you really considered how vital solid teamwork is to life outside the gym, rink, or court? Consider your average day and think about every instance of interaction that requires you to either get along or problem solve with others. This could be at home with your family, at work with your colleagues, or out with friends. Athletes who participate in Cheer Sport Shark teams are coached on athleticism, personal growth, as well as teamwork skills with an emphasis on what makes the team work well together. Your child can use these same schools in the classroom, at home, with friends, and eventually, at work too!

Socialization can play a big role in mental health and self-confidence and may help alleviate feelings of isolation and loneliness. Playing on part of a team provides a ready-made social scene! Unlike in the classroom or playground, Team Sportschildren competing in team sports are coached to learn more quickly that the team that fits together has the most success – whether that be in competition or personal enjoyment of the sport. It’s worthwhile for individual athletes to get to know their teammates even if they otherwise wouldn’t hang out for any number of reasons. And because everyone has love for the sport in common, and they’re working towards common goals, it’s an encouraging environment to showcase and share strengths. Cheer Sport Shark coaches encourage athletes to support and learn from each other and save competitive spirit for performances.

Developing strong work ethics like perseverance, motivation, and ambition may be amplified through team sports. The athlete isn’t training simply for their own success, they have a group of people – who often become as tight-knit as a family – relying on them. This support system offers more resources for athletes to rely on when they’re having difficulty with a routine or learning a new skill. The team family can do wonders to boost individual motivation to keep trying, or to be inspired to try something new because they truly understand what the others are going through. It’s not easy to get up and try again, and again, and again, but we can attest that the support of our teammates cheering us on really gets us pumped up to accept the coach’s tips and practice, practice, practice!

If you’re looking for a fun, energetic, and supportive team sport for your child to experience, try cheer sport! Cheer Sport Sharks provide many opportunities for athletes of all skill levels to get in on the fun. Contact us today to find out where your child should start!

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