Cheer Sport Sharks have been active members of the cheerleading community since 2003. Over our many years interacting with athletes from across the country, we have had the pleasure to watch thousands of children blossom as they progress through their cheerleading goals with their team members and coaches. The transferable skills gained by Cheer Sport Shark athletes gain are abilities they can rely on right into adulthood. Here are a few reasons why we believe joining the Cheer Sport Shark family is a benefit to any childhood.

Cheerleading is a phenomenal source of physical activity for any age and skill level. Cheer Sport Sharks offer a variety of competitive and recreational cheerleading programs because we know it’s a fun way to get moving! Our highly trained staff provides a supportive environment for children and youth to learn how to tumble, jump, stunt, and follow choreography safely and to the best of their individual ability. Athletes learn about strength training, balance, coordination, and perseverance the right way. It’s such a blast that we offer recreational camps and birthday parties to give everyone get the chance to find out what the fuss is all about!

But when an athlete does commit to a recreational or competitive cheerleading program, you get to experience all of the benefits of being on a team! Cheerleading is all about teamwork, and Cheer Sport Sharks are coached to develop Best Place FBsuccessful team mentally as much as physical skill. Flyers and bases have to trust each other through every movement of a stunt, and when you’re performing floor work you have to trust that everyone else on the team is in position and on beat. Our support network is outstanding! The team atmosphere is a positive places to learn how to reach personal as well as team goals, to grow with grace and strength, and to develop powerful friendships that go beyond the blue mat. Cheer Sport Shark athletes learn about healthy life/work balance, how to absorb and react to constructive criticism, how to build themselves up and support team members, and to respect their own mind and bodies.

Finally, Cheer Sport Sharks learn how to practice, adapt and improve a variety of skills while developing healthy self-confidence. We teach our athletes persevere, courage, kindness, and support in every aspect of our sport, whether that’s in learning a new skill, perfecting basic stunts, or facing a new challenge. We are proud to provide all of our Sharks with fundamental skills that will be useful throughout their lives. And we have a lot of fun doing it!

Cheer Sport Shark teams have a long-standing history of success because we are dedicated to providing athletes of all ages with a well-rounded, supportive, and safe environment. Tryouts take place in the spring, but there is a way for you to get involved right now whether that’s a camp, a party, or a recreational program. Come find out what #Sharklife is all about.

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We know you'll love our fun, energetic and addictive culture! Athletes travel far and wide to be a part of our exclusive teams due to our success, renowned coaches and fintastic facilities. With such a variety of teams, we can offer the ultimate athlete experience. We've proven the the possibilities are endless! Come and experience our Shark success for yourself. We are the 'Go To' gym in Ontario because of our winning teams, happy athletes and invested coaches. Dive in for a life changing and exhilarating season!

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