Positive attitudes.

Cheerleading began as a way to pump up the crowd and the team at sporting events, and that positivity leads the way in competitive and recreational cheerleading today. You’ll hear coaches provide constructive criticism packed with support for the athletes mentally as well as physically, teammates lifting each other up through challenges and sharing the joy in individual successes, and families uniting as they band together on the sidelines during practices, competitions, and performances. The power of positivity in the cheerleading world is truly JAWsome!

Practice, practice, practice.

Even if an athlete can land a new stunt on the first try, the goal is to be able to land it every time, and under the spotlight in front of judges particularly. Expect a lot of repetition and customized tips from shark-eyed coaches. Many gyms offer additional classes that focus on specific aspects of cheerleading, specialized camps, and one-on-one sessions.

Spotlight on safety.

Those shark-eyed coaches we mentioned? When they ask an athlete to make adjustments, they always have safety in mind. There are proper ways to execute a stunt, and technique has as much to do with the safety of everyone on New To Cheerleadingthe blue mat as it does the style and strength of the move. Even the slightest adjustments can have a huge impact on muscles and joints, which is why we practice, practice, practice to ensure our athletes perfect each move safely.

Bright colours, glitter, makeup, and bows!

Team uniform is judged as part of competitive cheerleading, and the uniform includes the head-to-toe athlete from shoes to clothes to makeup and hair bows. Each team will have specific requirements for practice gear and competition uniform that will include makeup (which will also come with detailed application instructions, so don’t stress!). You may have noticed that cheerleading uniforms include bright colours and a great deal of sparkle. We know our athletes glow with joy, and we want to make sure even the people in the back row can see it!

Road trips.

If an athlete is part of a competitive team, expect to hit the road several times during the season. Destinations and costs will be presented upfront so there are no surprises. If you are part of the Cheer Sport Shark family, no matter the age level, you’re looking at several stops around southern Ontario and at least one trip to the United States. Travelling to competitions is a valuable learning tool for athletes, providing many opportunities to master responsible packing, working in an unfamiliar environment, and learning how to wait without losing enthusiasm. And they get exposure to world-class technique and skills outside of what they’re familiar with, which is inspiring!
Joining a Cheer Sport Sharks gym means you join a family, and we take care of each other. Come to our staff with all of your questions about cheerleading, and talk to other families during practice for additional advice and support.

Tryouts for all Cheer Sport Shark competitive teams happen in May, and we provide ample opportunity all year long for new athletes with recreational cheerleading, camps, and birthday parties to find out why cheerleading is so much fun! Contact your local gym for more information.

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We know you'll love our fun, energetic and addictive culture! Athletes travel far and wide to be a part of our exclusive teams due to our success, renowned coaches and fintastic facilities. With such a variety of teams, we can offer the ultimate athlete experience. We've proven the the possibilities are endless! Come and experience our Shark success for yourself. We are the 'Go To' gym in Ontario because of our winning teams, happy athletes and invested coaches. Dive in for a life changing and exhilarating season!

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