For many young athletes, their season to shine takes place during the school year, with a grand finish somewhere around April or May. In August and September the fun starts up again, but what’s an athlete to do with a couple of months of down time?

Stay active! This is really important to athletes of all ages, skills, and sports. You’ve worked hard during your season to practice new skills and train your body to move in certain ways. When the new season starts up you need to be able to still do all of those things; it’s a lot harder to build that strength back up than it is keep them up through the offseason. This is especially helpful to competitive Cheer Sport Sharks who complete tryouts and are assigned to teams in the spring because when we get back on the blue mat, we go all out since competition season begins in the fall!

A lot of sports organizations, Cheer Sport Sharks included, offer specialized training camps, and even sport-oriented recreational camps. Check those out first because they will offer you the best opportunity to practice and build your in a safe environment with professional coaching and facilities.

keep busy offseasonTry something new! There are a lot of local summer sports organizations open to seasonal athletes, like baseball, soccer, gymnastics, tennis, and swimming. You still get in a regular workout designed for your ability level and, again, you’re learning in a professional, safety-oriented atmosphere.

If you’ve ever wanted to get into yoga, zoomba, spinning, or training to run a charitable marathon, summer is a great time. There are classes appropriate for all ages, and a lot of fun ones specifically designed for families to take together. Trying a new sport or workout might also enhance your skills on the blue mat, by the way!

What about family trips to the cottage, camping, or even overseas?! Pack your walking shoes and your workout gear! Explore your new surroundings by going on a walk or a hike with your family. This is really fun to do somewhere new because there is so much to learn about. If you’re staying in the same place for a while you can plan out a new walking trail every day, and your family probably already has an idea of where you can all go swimming! And rely on your cheer training – you’re provided with a lot of at-home workout ideas that you can easily practice first thing in the morning wherever adventure takes you. Get your family and friends to join in!

You don’t have to feel pressured to keep moving every minute of the summer, this is after all the time to unwind after a busy year at school and in cheer. Try out a new art form, put on a play with your friends, read a book, visit your grandparents, get your friends together for a game of tag in the backyard, teach younger brothers and sisters how to make sand castles, and have fun!

Summer and Training Camp registration is open at all Cheer Sport Shark locations! We offer recreational cheer camps, tumbling camps, and specialized training options. Contact the location nearest you for more information or enroll online!

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