If it feels like a workout in hot, humid weather is way harder than in an air-conditioned gym, that’s because it is! Your body cools you down by increasing the flow of blood through your skin and by producing sweat. The hotter your workout environment is, the harder your body has to work to do that, and even the most highly trained athlete will feel the difference. But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid outdoor exercise in the summer. Here’s what you should know before you head outside.

Check the weather for heat, and humidity. Temperature plays a huge role in how long you work out, and how hard, so take a look at the hourly weather report and schedule your outdoor exercise for the coolest and least humid part of the day. This is likely to be early morning, followed by early evening, but that’s not always the case, and incoming or outgoing storms can wreak havoc on the temperature, so you have to check!

Dress for success with lightweight clothing that allows your skin to breathe and sweat, it’s what your body needs to keep you cool. A sunburn adds another layer of pressure to your body’s cooling system, so make wearing sun exercising in the heatprotection a priority by using both clothing and sunscreen. If you’re relying on shade keep in mind that the sun moves, which means your shade might too, and that you can still be exposed to the sun standing under an awning or an umbrella.

Reduce your risk of injury by wearing appropriate footwear too, because although it’s tempting to go for a run along the beach in your sandals, they don’t offer the same kind of support as running shoes.
Staying hydrated is important with any workout. When it’s hot, drink water throughout the day, not just around the time you’re exercising or when you feel thirsty. Your body needs water to help you sweat, and when you sweat you lose water, so keep that refillable bottle close and know where you can easily get a refill. Choose hydrating snacks to help fuel up, like apples, grapes, and tomatoes.

Be prepared to reduce the amount of time you work out and how hard you push yourself. You might even want to break it up into 2 sessions in a day, or just go for a walk instead. Listen to your body and if you start to feel weird, sick, pain, or dizzy, stop and get help. Workout with a buddy or with a group so you can look out for each other just in case you do push too hard.

There are a lot of fun activities you can do outdoors to get exercise and enjoy the fresh air, like swimming, running, cycling, hiking, and tennis. When in doubt, plan to workout inside with the air conditioning, but still drink that water!

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